Dan Erlewine – Guitar Player Repair Guide With DVD


Dan Erlewine – Guitar Player Repair Guide With DVD

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How to Set Up, Maintain and Repair Electrics and Acoustics

Guitar Player Repair Guide – Third Edition By Dan Erlewine
This revised edition is a step-by-step manual to maintaining and repairing electric or acoustic guitars and basses. Players will master the basic maintenance and set up of a guitar. An advanced crafts-person will discover this to be a valuable reference source for complex procedures such as replacing nuts and frets. This third edition incorporates new techniques and tools, plus detailed repair information for specific models. Includes DVD demonstrating various techniques of guitar maintenance.

These are just SOME of the topics covered:

Action and setups
Nuts, saddles
Tuners, tremolos
Bridges, Braces
Bodies, necks
Finishing repairs
Structural repairs
Lots more!

The Guitar Player Repair Guide is the most widely used basic reference in repair shops,

featuring factory setup specifications for Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars, in-depth fretting instruction, advice from top repairmen, and much more! The book grew out of Dan’s popular Guitar Player magazine columns. Now in its 3rd edition, it includes lots of recent techniques Dan discovered while repairing every kind of guitar, from the new and inexpensive to the vintage and priceless. 322 pages, softcover.

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