Charvel San Dimas - Fat brass block
November 8, 2016 Testimonials No Comments

So pretty Much I brought this Charvel San Dimas about a year and a half ago and I was just getting really sick and annoyed with the tone coming out of the JB, the lack of sustain and punch I received out of the floyd and plus I had installed a d-tuna and had a Tremelno. The D-tuna was giving me hell because the tremelno was shite and doesn’t work very well.

So I went to talk to Kenny after I asked for help at the rockshop but they seemed completely illiterate when it came to floyd roses (Greatest bridge ever). And he advised me on changes I should make to the guitars to find that sound I was looking for. He found me a brilliant replacement for the shitty tremelno and after a niggle he fixed that up and the D-tuna works like a dream. He also supplied me with a Dimarzio Super Distortion which killed the Seymour Duncan JB-SH4 and I am loving it, it had so much more of a fatter, warmer, clearer and responsive tone. Also he hooked me up with a massive brass block for the trem which increased the clearness of the notes and the sustain adding much more punch to the guitar.

The process was almost completely painless and he got the stuff, set up the guitar and installed the items for a very reasonable price. I was so satisfied with the finished product that I don’t think I will really ever think about buying another guitar. It’s already perfect.

Jacob West. Satisfied customer.

Jacob West

Written by Adam Thomson